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Maiya, Komane, And The Enhada Sisters: Are They Milano Clones? (LunarFate Discussion)

September 26, 2021

It’s nice that Utan’s getting all the attention in my LunarFate saga, but what about his family members? I really wanted Utan to be a standalone character in my LunarFate saga, but I felt like that wouldn’t be fair just to feature him alone. So, I decided to add his family members in the saga – Maiya Uzuki, his mother, Komane Uzuki, his Asian cousin, and the Enhada sisters (Kilitia & Samari); they’re twins. What was my inspiration in making them into my supporting characters for Utan Enhada? You wouldn’t want to believe who I based those characters from; it should be obvious. Those characters were loosely based off one of my favorite actresses, Alyssa Milano. Gee, thanks a lot, Disney.

How It Began

Back when I was growing up in the 1990s, I watched a ton of Disney movies. They had some good songs for those movies. The first two movies of the new Disney princess era (in 1989) had two characters that “I thought were” inspired by Alyssa Milano – Ariel from “The Little Mermaid” and Belle from “Beauty and the Beast”. I came to find that out later on in the years, thanks to YouTube. As I was making characters for this saga, other than me being an inspiration of Utan’s character, what other original character(s) that I was going to make to support and challenge Utan Enhada?

The Development of Maiya Uzuki

I felt like she is a force of nature; she has the nickname “The Elementalist Vampire”. She could do just about anything Utan does. The only difference between Utan and Maiya is that she has a ton of elemental magic attacks at her disposal, consisting of earth, wind and fire, and she can form weapons (whips/swords) out of her veins; Utan has fire and wind elemental magic attacks but he can generate swords and the Caladobolg II with his weapon generation abilities – completely different from Shirou’s weapon projection abilities. She represented Milano’s motherlike qualities; she really cherishes her son and daughters and wouldn’t do anything to hurt or kill them.

The Development of the Enhada Sisters (Kilitia & Samari)

Kilitia and Samari are twins; Samari was born on December 20 while Kilitia was born on December 21. The only difference between them is their weight. Kilitia is slightly thick while Samari’s at an average weight. Kilitia kind of reminds me like a centaurian archer; she is very proficient with her archery skills and she can use her fists and legs to fight back but not as great as her sister. Samari has good hand-to-hand combat but it isn’t anywhere as great as Utan or Maiya. Not to mention, she has the power of Agni on her side to boost her power/strength as a fighter and she can use that power to fire Phoenix Bullets – somewhat the opposite of Rin’s Gandr (The Phoenix Bullet was considered the Eastern Fire to the Gandr’s Western Fire.) Kilitia represented Milano’s sweetness as a teen, while Samari represented Milano’s spunkiness as a teen. Alone they’re good but together they’re great.

The Development of Komane Uzuki

Komane Uzuki is Maiya’s aunt, Kana’s mother and Utan’s cousin. As you can see, she has a very competitive and passionate vibe around her. She’s very prolific as an assassin; she has a ton of throwing knives and stars at her disposal – almost as if she’s a ninja. Not to mention, she was a soccer player but she decided to focus more on her skills as a warrior. Rex III helped her when her parents were killed in the Holy Grail war back in 2001 in my saga’s re-iteration of the Holy Grail war in Fate/Zero. Her parents were killed in that war by aiding Kitsurugu Emiya. She harbored resentment for her family’s murder and vowed to get revenge. Rex took her in and tried to help her become stronger. She represents Milano’s passionate spirit.

Other than Jackie Chan, she happens to be one of my favorite Hollywood stars. I felt like I was doing the right thing using her as a model for Utan’s family members. If it wasn’t for Disney, SoulCalibur and my father introducing me to character creation, this wouldn’t have worked out for me. But in the end, it did and I will always be grateful for that for as long as I live.

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