5/18/2022: Re-added The Adventures Of Utan.

5/8/2022: Re-Added Volume 1 of my Demon Hunters DX saga.

3/21/2022: Added Utan’s Movelist in Fate/Unlimited Codes and Melty Blood Actress Again. I can tell he’s going to be broken to kingdom-come.

3/9/2022: Added a blog post about 3 NFL Teams that should pick up Malik Willis.

2/22/2022: Added the Short Stories section and a new story in that section. Who would have thought I could make a children’s book.

1/25/2022: My Demon Hunters DX saga has been postponed until further notice. I apologize for not telling you earlier.

12/6/2021: Completed Volume 1 of the “Demon Hunters DX” Saga.

11/5/2021: Updated my WIP page in how I’m going to schedule my story makings. I’ll get started on the “Demon Hunters DX” Saga on Monday – without any issues.

10/8/2021: added a blog post about the history of the LunarFate saga and “The New Era” story’s development. I will work on that story after I fully complete the Demon Hunters DX saga

9/27/2021: Added a blog post about Utan’s female family members. A nice representation of one of my favorite Hollywood stars – other than Jackie Chan.

9/25/2021: Added a blog post about Utan Enhada, the main character/hero of my “LunarFate” saga. Is it me or is it someone else?

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