9/11/2021: Added a blog post about body shaming and my “personal” assessment. What a way to not focus on 9/11; I’m feeling upset that this post is overshadowing that infamous day – all the heartbreak and anguish America had to deal with.

9/6/2021: Added a Table of Content PDF of my SoulCalibur fanfic called “The Chronicles of Christopher”.

8/24/2021: Added a blog post about my upcoming Demon Hunters DX arc and how this saga’s going to be a deluxe pain in the ass to make. This is going to be a exhausting project I’ll ever do – other than the LunarFate saga.

8/18/2021: Added a blog post of one of my cancelled stories, “The Women v. Eddie Richland”. It was going to be one of my controversial story I ever made.

8/13/2021: Added “The World’s Wrath” story and its table of contents in the LunarFate section. This is my highly coveted fanfic I ever made; I hope you like it.

8/3/2021: Added a blog post about my cancelled/leaning towards cancellation project you would have liked. The Women vs. Eddie Richland is the one that stung me the most that I had to cancel. Also, I added a re-edit of my Demon Hunters saga.

7/2/2021: Added a blog post about “The Tungsten Report”, my next saga.

6/18/2021: Added “The Adventures of Utan” chapters in my LunarFate Section. I missed some chapters from my first draft of that story back in 2015 and I’m really abashed and furious of how I missed those chapters!

6/10/2021: Added Character Outlines for the main villains from the EX Edition of my Demon Hunters saga.

6/4/2021: Added a blog post on my familiar wars for my upcoming “Demon Hunters EX” saga. A battle of truly epic proportions – Linda and Iris.

5/31/2021: Re-added Table of Contents for my stories of my “LunarFate” saga.

5/27/2021: Added a blog entry of why I had to shorten the chapters of the final volume of my “original” Demon Hunters saga.

5/23/2021: Added a blog post of this year’s NFL Season’s outcome. This will all be pending on Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson whether or not they stay put on their respected teams.

5/20/2021: Completed the “ORIGINAL” Demon Hunters Saga.

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