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Utan Enhada: A Spitting Image Of Me? Or Someone Else? (LunarFate Discussion)

September 24, 2021

My LunarFate saga is my first epic saga I made in 2010 decade. It brought me a great deal of value as a writer and I would like to thank my father giving me a ton of action-adventure movies and tv shows to watch to help me grow as a storywriter. This story reminds me a bit like the Onimusha saga in a sense. The main character of my story, Utan M. Enhada, has a gauntlet the same way the main characters of the Onimusha saga has. The only difference is that Utan’s a human Vampire/Demon hybrid; Soki’s a demon. Utan was loosely based off of him. I made him into my image; I made a multitude of drawings over the years of this character.

I felt like the 2nd Utan drawing was one of the best drawings I ever made. Over the years, I got tired of the buzzcut look on him. So, I decided to make his hair a bit longer and in my upcoming LunarFate EX fanfic, his hair may end being longer.

As mentioned in my previous post of why Utan has gems on that gauntlet, I felt like it was vital to the character. He has been training with the Matous in my stories and it definitely made him the jack-of-all-trades kind of character. Some of the readers of this saga thought that he is overpowered and said that he was going to be a catastrophic mess in the Nasuverse. So, by catering to the Type-Moon fans, I decided to make some changes to the Power Gauntlet. I made the gauntlet into a mimic/attribute artifact – instead of like the Infinity Gauntlet Thanos had. I saw firsthand how dangerous the Infinity Gauntlet was in the Avengers movies: “Infinity War” and “Endgame”. It had me sick to my stomach just thinking about making another Thanos in the Nasuverse. I personally had to make those changes.

I decided to return to make the final chapter of Utan Enhada’s saga and open the door on how Fate/Grand Order started. It’s under development but I won’t get started on making this story after I complete the DX Edition of my Demon Hunters saga and The Tungsten Report film saga. I know the DX Saga’s going to take long but my sci-fi saga won’t take too long to make.

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