Why Did I Make The Final Volume of the Original Demon Hunters Saga 4 Chapters?

My “original” Demon Hunters saga is complete. Other than my LunarFate saga (that I will re-edit this summer), this saga is one of my biggest accomplishment this year.

Unlike my first four volumes of the original saga, I had much to talk about; for instance why Christopher Mason held a grudge against Michael and Glenn Ross. He held a grudge against them because they ruined his chance to become a social worker with his Sociology degree. If he wanted to, he would have been a police officer; that wouldn’t be fitting for this story for him to become a police officer. It would have been catastrophic if I did go through with this.

I bet you’re wondering why I decided to shorten the final volume’s chapters to four instead of six. It should be obvious; right after Christopher and his allied demon hunters got rid of Nicholas, Duke, Luther and Olivia Kingsley, there were no strong characters to face other than Daniel Irving, Edward Mariott and Enryu’s low-level minions. Daniel and Edward’s power and strength didn’t do Enryu any favors. Enryu took on the Masons and Ms. Smith all alone and he lost. For the EX-Version of the Demon Hunters saga, I’m going to have shortened chapters, as well.

Volumes 3 & 4 of the EX-Edition of my Demon Hunters saga is going to be a mess – I’ll just leave it at that. All I need to do is prepare an outlook for EX-Edition’s volumes after I’m done re-editing the LunarFate saga. The EX saga’s production will start this Fall somewhere around September or October.

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